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These are (in my a opinion) some of the greatest finds on DA! :eager:


Would anyone like me to make a Chibi Tutorial? If so, what should it include/focus on? 

53 deviants said Yes! All of the above
9 deviants said Yes! Chibi Comedy/Comic-ing
8 deviants said Yes! Chibi Proportions/Anatomy
6 deviants said Yes! Chibi Character Design
No deviants said No thanks. Already gots chibi tutorials coming out’a my ears.



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Hello fantabulous DA peeps! I hope you're all enjoying your lives and feeling creative and perky! :eager:

I'm very sorry I've barely posted anything recently, especially in MABC department (poor abducted Chibi-Ciel. As if his life wasn't miserable enough already…).

I'd like to say "but now I'm back and the updates, they shall pour down like the rains of the Indo-Australian monsoon!"…but no such luck. :ashamed: I've actually been partially busy preparing for a big trip from which I shan't return until mid-summer. ^^;

(I'd be more chagrinned about this trips interference with my art, but why pretend? I'm more excited than an army of dancing emoticons can express! :boogie::hooray::dance::la::excited::squee::w00t::wow::faint:)
Of course, I draw whenever I can and hopefully I'll be back posting MABC (or at least something besides Tenipuri Fanart…) within a few months. ;P

Thank you for the continued comments, favs and support, guys! I love hearing from you, getting your feedback, and just chatting!

Enjoy your upcoming summers! :hug:



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AmayaChi Dec 28, 2013  Hobbyist
Hi Nemu!! 
It's been like forever since I've seen or heard anything from you so I was just stopping by your profile to say HI!!...again ^^; Anyhoot, hope you've been doing good. :D
Nemu-Saa Jan 4, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hiya, AmayaChi! :wave: Yeah, it's been a saddening amount of long since I last did anything on DA... :cries: My computer and I didn't see much of each other throughout 2013. ;) Thanks for stopping by to say 'hi', though! I've been doing great and just whole lot of the good kind of busy. :boogie: Hopefully, I'll have some more time for drawing in the not-too-distant future; sure do miss it. How have been? Enjoying your 2014 thus far? :w00t:
AmayaChi Jan 6, 2014  Hobbyist
I've been doing good, thanks. ^_^
My 2014 so far has been going very well and hopefully it will stay that way haha. How about yours? Any major plans or resolutions for this year? 
Nemu-Saa Feb 13, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist

lol! Oh, I'm sure it will. Remember; when in doubt, keep smiling. People will think you're up to something and life continues to be interesting. :giggle:

Ah, yes! My hope for this year is to continue studying, hopefully throw in some drawing, and avoid going broke! ;) You?

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Rudi-Chama Oct 3, 2013  Student Filmographer
Hi, Nemu-senpai~! How are you? :aww:
I just wanted to tell you how my onii-chan calls characters of PoT who he doesn't know their names::

It's actually cute~!
Kaidoh--> Fshhu
Atobe--> Ore-sama
Kabaji--> Usu
Shishido--> Lame
Jirou--> The sleeping boy
Yukimura--> he struggled till he remembered his name, but the names were Yukimaru, Yarimuka and such, hehe~
Sanada--> YUKIMURAAA! (he actually kinda yells lowly when he say it)
Kirihara--> Red eyes
Niou--> Puri
Yagyuu--> Niou-kun! (he tried to mimick the voice)
Shiraishi--> Ecstasy
Kintarou--> Koshimae
Nemu-Saa Oct 19, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist

Hi, Rudi! :wave:

LOL! That is so hilarious! (Read it to my sister for a laugh. :rofl:)

I love that he quotes that line of chibi-Sanada's; I quote it all the time! Hahah! Poor Shishido, but he really is very dramatic. ;)

When Nee-chan and I can't remember the name of a Seiyuu we just call them by their most memorable character name and add "guy" or "girl" to the end. Guren-guy, Kintarou-girl, Momo-guy, Old-Seimei-guy, Masahiro-girl (though it wasn't long before we could always remember "Kaida Yuki"!), etc. :giggle:

AmayaChi Sep 8, 2013  Hobbyist
Hiya Nemu! ^_^ 
How have you been?
Nemu-Saa Sep 20, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist

AmayaChi~!! :hug: (such a long wait for a simple question; sorry! ^^; )

I have been doing fantastically! Record busiest year yet and the idea of getting back to regular study-routine with sleeping and eating and such is sounding more appealing than ever, but I wouldn't have traded it for any other year. :squee:

How are you? Starting back into school also? :D

AmayaChi Sep 20, 2013  Hobbyist
It's good to hear that you been doing "fantastically" lol :D
I've been good, just stressing over school T^T I started school again about a month ago and I'm already looking forward to a vacation haha ^^; Very stressful and in desperate need of something to keep me happy lol
Nemu-Saa Oct 19, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist

Hahah! Aww, I know how that is. :faint:

Well, I hear a rumor there's going to be a new Kuroshitsuji musical soon! That should provide some entertainment/diversion. :giggle:

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